We offer Taekwon-Do courses for any age and any skill level! Whether our students have just learned to walk or have been kicking for years, there’s always room to learn.



Ages 7 – 12 years old with Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced options based on experience.


Ages 13 and older.


Ages - 4 years olds (try your first class for free!)


Ages 5 – 6 years old (try your first class for free!)


Private Lessons

We offer private lessons for individuals of all skill levels, and ages. These are one-on-one classes with a certified Black Belt instructor.

Black Belt Class

This is an opportunity for Instructors and Black Belts of our school to meet with their seniors to gain perspective on their teaching abilities and supplement their training. Besides simply practicing Black Belt forms and advanced techniques, Black Belts enjoy a chance to interact directly with the Sabonim of the Dojang, and to educate themselves so they can better serve the educational needs of the junior members of the school.

Black Belt Club: Invitation Only

Black Belt Club is for students who are green belt and above, are training hard in class, and current members or instructors see that Black Belt Club would be an asset to their training. During BBC classes, students learn various new techniques and work with various weapons. They are also the DEMO TEAM.


Transported After School Martial Arts

Quality after-school care with a kick! Our structured After School Program is an affordable and fun alternative to other after school care options. Your child will also take part in a full Martial Arts Program! So many parents want the benefits of Martial Arts for their kids, but work too late. This is where our After School Program comes in! We’ll even pick up your child directly from school in one of our official vans/buses, eliminating the need for a daycare.